A wide variety of skip hire solutions for Bracknell

There are many different types of skip, each designed for different purposes. Our skip hire experts near Bracknell and Camberley have a large range, including the trusty mini skip as well as many of its larger cousins. On this page we’ve looked to provide some more information on each offering. If you have any questions regarding our skip and mini skip hire services, be sure to give us a call on 07946 603 344.



Which is the Skip for You?


Mini Skip – Mini skip hire is a fantastic solution for Bracknell clients looking to collect and dispose of house or garden waste. They’re compact and very convenient, as they can easily fit in most driveways, removing the need for a permit application to be filed. A mini skip is 2 cubic yards, meaning it can take around 25-35 black bin bags full of waste.


Midi Skip – At 3.5 cubic yards, the midi skip is a step up from mini skip hire, and can take 45-55 black bin bags. It’s medium sized and like its mini skip brethren, a highly convenient waste management solution for both domestic and commercial clients in Bracknell.


Maxi Skip – This type of skip is very popular among tradesmen, especially those in construction. Able to take 65-75 black bags, while being slightly bigger than the midi and mini skip, they are still a very versatile skip hire solution.


Builders Skip – We provide builders skip hire to all those in need of a larger skip from 8-16 cubic yards. These skips are generally only requested, as their name would suggest, by tradesmen and construction companies around Bracknell working on big projects. But, if you’re investing in a massive property renovation or extension and doing a lot of the work as a D.I.Y undertaking, it may be worth securing a builders skip for the long term. Call us for information about these types of skip.


Pick up the phone and dial 07946 603 344 for competitively priced skip hire in Bracknell.